The Spook and the Hacker (Holiday Cheer #1)

the spook and the hacker lanna farrellTitle: The Spook and the Hacker
Series: Holiday Cheer #1
Release Date: October 29, 2014
Pages: 50

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Synopsis:Mariah Livingston is a genius with an IQ of 182. As a young child she excelled at hacking computers all over the world, earning her a spot on the FBI’s Special Unit watch list. When Mariah is invited in to the FBI to help them with their computer intel, she is taken to an underground facility to meet with the head of the Special Units for a special interview.

Never did Mariah expect to actually get to meet a special undercover agent only known as a spook. When he walks into the interview she is stunned speechless it is not only a highly classified agent, it is her lover and best friend, Michael Kendricks.

Will she be able to accept who he is and forgive him for lying to her for the past years?

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