The Spook and the Hacker (Holiday Cheer #1)

the spook and the hacker lanna farrellTitle: The Spook and the Hacker
Series: Holiday Cheer #1
Release Date: October 29, 2014
Pages: 50

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Synopsis:Mariah Livingston is a genius with an IQ of 182. As a young child she excelled at hacking computers all over the world, earning her a spot on the FBI’s Special Unit watch list. When Mariah is invited in to the FBI to help them with their computer intel, she is taken to an underground facility to meet with the head of the Special Units for a special interview.

Never did Mariah expect to actually get to meet a special undercover agent only known as a spook. When he walks into the interview she is stunned speechless it is not only a highly classified agent, it is her lover and best friend, Michael Kendricks.

Will she be able to accept who he is and forgive him for lying to her for the past years?

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A Grateful Heart (Holiday Cheer #2)

grateful heart lanna farrellTitle: A Grateful Heart
Series: Holiday Cheer #2
Release Date: July 25, 2016
Pages: 179

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Synopsis:Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF. Includes bonus book “The Spook and the Hacker.”

In book one of the Livingston Agency: Gabriel Lufont retired from the military. He suffered a loss no man should have to accept. The anger and grief he is left with turns into a wicked combination that creates damage no one can fix but Gabriel. When he is called in to handle the Intel at the Livingston Agency, instead of staying in the field, it creates mistrust until he runs into Sophia.

Sophia Kruze is a special and powerful empath, who takes pain and suffering from others to help them. But the backlash is brutal, leaving her crippled, sick, and suffering.

Can Gabriel and Sophia find true love or will Gabriel’s pain and Sophia’s gift be too much for either to bear?

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A Christmas Stalking (Holiday Cheer #3)

christmas stalking lanna farrellTitle: A Christmas Stalking
Series: Holiday Cheer #3
Release Date: December 16, 2014
Pages: 254

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Synopsis:Never, in a million years, could Valorie Thorpe know that stopping at a gas station on Thanksgiving Day would bring Raza Livingstons back into her life.

Valorie had let him believe she was the one that broke his heart seven years ago in college. Now, she had to ask him to protect her from a dangerous and deadly stalker. Letting go of her pride and asking him to forgive her was hard enough but asking him to help her was even worse.

Raza, President, of Livingstons & Sons, must lead his own special unit to protect his one and only true love, Valorie. There’s only one problem preventing these two from falling in love with each other. Raza must hide his secret at all costs even though he knows it will destroy any love she has for him now.

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Beneath the Lies (Holiday Cheer #4)

beneath the lies lanna farrellTitle: Beneath the Lies
Series: Holiday Cheer #4
Release Date: January 11, 2015
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Synopsis:Don’t let the name Holiday Cheer Series fool you. These are paranormal stories with just the holidays as celebration of the release dates. This is the Fourth Book of my Holiday Cheer Series. In celebration of the New Year 2015, Beneath the Lies continues the story of the Livingstons, a corporation which specializes in protection and an investigation services for retired military, paranormal shifters and all other special humans to find their true home.

This book it is Alek and Ana’s story. Alek a bear shifter and Ana a woman who has to hide from a family who wants to see her dead. Tired of running and hiding she enlists the aid of her friends, Raza Livingstons and Valorie Thorpe. She never thought she would find her best friend, Aleksandr “Wayne” Grekov. He is the future leader of his Bear Clan who had come to the US for training and a chance to work for the Livingstons. He had to a class in English from none other than Ana Mayer under an assume identity Lacy. After, burying her in New York he never thought he would see her again, until again in Minneapolis he runs into a woman who resembles his Lacy.

But, Ana hides beneath the lies as Angie. As they both discover who she is once again, Alek must tell her the truth about himself as well. Ana and Alek race against an enemy, lies, and the truth about their love for each other. Beneath the lies true happiness can be found if they just look for it.

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Out of the Darkness (Holiday Cheer #5)

out of darkness lanna farrellTitle: Out of the Darkness
Series: Holiday Cheer #5
Release Date: February 13, 2015
Pages: 311

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Synopsis:Camilla Thorpe was a cop who wanted to make a difference and try to help the neighborhoods get rid of the huge gang and crime problems. When a new drug, “Scorpion” hits the streets she has her hands full sorting through the bodies in the morgue.

With the help of the Livingstons, Camilla heads up the investigation into a cartel from Mexico and largest crime families in the United States. Further into the investigation it ties into two of the employees of Livingstons.

Working side by side with Mailaki Venzula, Camilla realizes she’s in love with the sexy, mysterious and dangerous man. Mailaki realizes Camilla is the mate he’s been searching for all his life. He will stop at nothing to claim and make her his.

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