Romancing the Lakes of Minnesota-Spring

Title: Romancing the Lakes of Minnesota-Spring
Release Date: April 11, 2016
Pages: 234

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Synopsis:It’s springtime! Snow is melting and Minnesotans are eagerly pulling short-sleeve shirts and sandals from their closets. The fragrance of budding flowers drifts through open windows on a fresh breeze and the sound of song birds fills the air. Spring is a time of renewal, anticipation, and of course, romance!

Join us in a celebration of the season with our spring collection of ten romantic short stories. Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, our anthology offers up romance of every kind. Blossoming passion to true love rekindled, and everything in between! Our stories feature bird watchers, Nordic ancestors, time travelers, and even unicorns.

So open your windows, let in a spring breeze and enjoy!

“Take Your Shirt Off & Stay Forever” by Lanna Farrell
After romance author, Reagan Tierney, crashed her car into a snow- filled ditch, she finds herself stuck in the middle of nowhere. Alone, frightened, no cellphone coverage and convinced she’s going to freeze to death, she starts to pray. When Officer O’Riley comes to her rescue, he’s more than she’d ever hoped for and possibly the hero for her very own happily ever after story.