Romancing the Lakes of Minnesota-Christmas

romancing the lakes of minnesota christmasTitle: Romancing the Lakes of Minnesota-Christmas
Release Date: October 30, 2016
Pages: 175

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You can feel it in the air. Christmas is coming! Anticipation and excitement dances on the winter breeze like magical snowflakes. A time for family, friends and sharing in the season of giving. From the shores of Lake Minnetonka to Lake Bemidji, you’ll find a Christmas show at the Old Log Theater, and enchanted Santa’s Elf, the decade’s old lure of Mistletoe, and dreams come true on a magical Christmas Eve. Take a little time out for yourself from shopping and baking to enjoy our Christmas love stories! Nestle up in front of a blazing fire and immerse yourself in tales that bring you joy, laughter and the heartwarming satisfaction of happily ever after!

“A Song to Remember” by Lanna Farrell Mack MacKenzie, head of security for Crystal Angel, the famous pop singer caught his angel in his arms as she fell from exhaustion into unconsciousness. Waking in the hospital, Crystal saw Mack, her one and only true love of her life waiting for her. She’d already fallen in love with him, it was time to make him hers.