A Christmas Stalking (Holiday Cheer #3)

christmas stalking lanna farrellTitle: A Christmas Stalking
Series: Holiday Cheer #3
Release Date: December 16, 2014
Pages: 254

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Synopsis:Never, in a million years, could Valorie Thorpe know that stopping at a gas station on Thanksgiving Day would bring Raza Livingstons back into her life.

Valorie had let him believe she was the one that broke his heart seven years ago in college. Now, she had to ask him to protect her from a dangerous and deadly stalker. Letting go of her pride and asking him to forgive her was hard enough but asking him to help her was even worse.

Raza, President, of Livingstons & Sons, must lead his own special unit to protect his one and only true love, Valorie. There’s only one problem preventing these two from falling in love with each other. Raza must hide his secret at all costs even though he knows it will destroy any love she has for him now.

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