Beneath the Lies (Holiday Cheer #4)

beneath the lies lanna farrellTitle: Beneath the Lies
Series: Holiday Cheer #4
Release Date: January 11, 2015
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Synopsis:Don’t let the name Holiday Cheer Series fool you. These are paranormal stories with just the holidays as celebration of the release dates. This is the Fourth Book of my Holiday Cheer Series. In celebration of the New Year 2015, Beneath the Lies continues the story of the Livingstons, a corporation which specializes in protection and an investigation services for retired military, paranormal shifters and all other special humans to find their true home.

This book it is Alek and Ana’s story. Alek a bear shifter and Ana a woman who has to hide from a family who wants to see her dead. Tired of running and hiding she enlists the aid of her friends, Raza Livingstons and Valorie Thorpe. She never thought she would find her best friend, Aleksandr “Wayne” Grekov. He is the future leader of his Bear Clan who had come to the US for training and a chance to work for the Livingstons. He had to a class in English from none other than Ana Mayer under an assume identity Lacy. After, burying her in New York he never thought he would see her again, until again in Minneapolis he runs into a woman who resembles his Lacy.

But, Ana hides beneath the lies as Angie. As they both discover who she is once again, Alek must tell her the truth about himself as well. Ana and Alek race against an enemy, lies, and the truth about their love for each other. Beneath the lies true happiness can be found if they just look for it.

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