lanna farrell headshotLanna Farrell is blessed with two beautiful daughters, a son-in-law whom she adores, and an amazingly handsome grandson. She enjoys spending time with family, curling up with a good book, horseback riding, saving every animal she can, and being with her constant companion and unmercifully spoiled German Shepard. Lanna was born and raised in MN in a large family of many siblings. She’s found as she continues to live her life it does have its ups and downs. As she draws near retirement, she finds herself wanting to move somewhere warmer, though she will always find her way back home to Minnesota because her children have made their lives here. The great state is known for its ten thousand lakes, green grass, and many trees, but she finds the seasons consist of road construction or winter, and feels it tends to wear on a soul. Lanna’s friends and family will agree she is never far from a pen and paper as she finds so many things in the world peak her interest and can inspire an entire story. Connect with Lanna on social media!

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